Academic Handbook: major changes 

The text below records the major changes made to the Academic Handbook approved at the start of each academic year. Any changes with a specific date are with immediate effect from the date cited, and are not permitted to disadvantage any student. Changes without a date are those implemented "between years", as part of the regular review and enhancement of our regulations. The latest changes appear at the top of the list. Previous editions of the Academic Handbook are available from this page by clicking on the link for the appropriate academic year.

Please note that if you click on a change made within the academic year, it will open the edition of the Academic Handbook for that year in a new window.

September 2010 2010-2011 edition published
16th April 2010 Unfair practice: clarifications made; provision for "fixed penalty" added
3rd February 2010 Updated forms and fees for re-examination and replacement certificates and transcripts.
20th November 2009 Collusion cases: change to expedite the procedure
20th November 2009 Classification borderlines: clarification added on "exit velocity" to first degrees and removed from Masters awards
September 2009 2009-2010 edition published, available at:
Resits: three attempts allowed for all Masters modules, including for PGCert and PGDip awards
Student feedback: in percentages
Annual Programme Review: restructured following recommendations from the working groups' review; renamed to Evaluation of Academic Programme(s) [see Academic Registry Question Time for more details and staff development]
Foundation Degrees: distinctions available
New regulations for Modular Masters Degrees (no separate regulations needed for the Modular MA in Education), including merits and distinctions on PgCerts and PgDips, but removed for individual Masters' modules
Volume 3 (Academic Constitutional Framework) restructured
New sections on guidance for research examiners: PhD; MPhil; PhD by published works; Professional doctorates
2nd April 2009 Two new UWIC awards for stand-alone modules up to 60 credits: Continuing Education Award and Professional Development Award
2nd April 2009 New section: Guidelines on the conduct of viva voce and oral examinations
26th February 2009 APL: changes to arrangements and to award classifications 
26th February 2009 Masters' award classifications: new discretion for borderlines
24th February 2009 New section: e-Thesis submission procedure (research degrees)
September 2008 2008-2009 edition published, available at:
  2007-2008 edition published, available at: