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Earlier sessions

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Thursday 27th January 2011: Collaborative partners' briefing

  • summary of structure and activities
  • Academic Registry structure chart
  • examining board members' briefing
  • explanatory text for Cardiff Met transcript
  • award ceremony photo at the Wales Millennium Centre

    Wednesday 15th September 2010: Being a Programme Director: what do I do?

    This is an introductory session, primarily for new programme directors, but it will also serve as a reminder of what needs to be done when - and how - during the academic year that is just starting. It complements the sessions provided by the Leadership Foundation, and will reference other ARQT sessions that will take place during the academic year (rather than trying to cover everything in one session).

    Wednesday 5th May 2010: Chairing an examining board: the annual regulatory refresher.

    This covers the decisions that can be made at an examining board, including a summary of the key regulations and changes made to them for and during this academic year. As well as the ohts, the following links may be helpful:

    Other links are available from within the PowerPoint presentation.

    Wednesday 10th February 2010:
    Programmes and modules for online selection: why should I bother?

    This explains what staff and students need to do in order to make online module selection work effectively, and why it is so important - for study, for funding, for scheduling, for awards ceremonies.

    • example Business Object reports showing student module selections.
    • forms for changing from one programme of study to another, and from one module to another are available via the Academic Registry "forms" page (click on the link on the left-hand side of this page);  
    • example reports (paper copies are available from the MIS Unit in the Academic Registry):
      • students who have selected a particular module
      • total numbers of students who have selected particular modules
      • total students by programmes of study who have selected modules
      • showing in which programmes a given module is used (as compulsory or optional)
      • total credits selected by particular students
    • Cardiff School of Sport: matrix for taught postgraduate programmes

    Friday 29th January 2010: Collaborative partners' briefing.

    Wednesday 9th September 2009: Annual programme review: how does EAP work this year?

    This session is part of the Programme Director training. It includes guidance on how to complete the new template and the new procedures in use for the Evaluation of Academic Programme(s). In addition to materials used for the session itself, other information is being made available well in advance, include an empty report template, an example (rather than an exemplar) report, example statistics, and guidance. [Note: the session was repeated on 10th and 29th September; and 12th October.]

    Thursday 7th May 2009: Chairing an examining board: a regulatory refresher.

    This is applicable directly to examining board chairs, but other colleagues are very welcome to attend; it covers the decisions that can be made at an examining board, including a summary of the key regulations and changes made to them for and during this academic year. 

    Wednesday 18th March 2009: Getting things right for the examining board: what needs to happen?

    This covers the inputting of marks, ensuring students are on the correct cohort, ensuring students are on the correct pathway, borderline cases, processing mitigating circumstances, and chairs actions after the event.

    Wednesday 28th January 2009: What stops a student’s mark getting to the examining board?

    This covers what to do if you suspect unfair practice, what to do if the student has mitigating circumstances, and the inputting of marks.

    Thursday 27th November 2008: Handing in student work to the School Registry Office: what could possibly go wrong?

    This covers the setting and communication of deadlines, special instructions, how to handle late submissions, and  collecting the work.