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The Academic Registry is responsible for or a stakeholder in a number of annual activities. These are noted here, and linked to an academic year calendar, which gives the deadline dates by when particular activities need to have been completed. Further details are available by clicking on the links at the left-hand side of the page.

Term dates are set by the Academic Board several years in advance, using one of a set of standard term patterns. The term dates for the current year and for future years are published as soon as they are approved, and also note the public holidays and (where known) the dates of the award ceremonies. The "current year" is updated in September of each year.

Enrolment takes place at many points in the academic year, due to the various intakes; the main session is in mid-September as part of Week One Welcome. Timetables are published annually.

The major examination periods start in May and late August. Draft and final timetables are published in accordance with the schedule set by the Academic Board. These are followed by examining boards, which are attended by academic staff and external examiners in order to reach decisions on student progression and awards. Timetables for these are published at least 12 months in advance. Graduation ceremonies take place in November, February and July. Dates are published as soon as they are approved by the Academic Board. Interim deadlines and further details for these activities are approved annually by the AQSB in the Assessment and Awards calendar.

Regulations are updated annually, with a new edition of the Academic Handbook published each September. Any changes with immediate effect made within an academic year are highlighted in red in the text, and an entry made in the change log, which shows the major changes made since 2008. Minor improvements and clarifications are made during the year, which are highlighted on the summary page showing the latest changes. previous editions of the Academic Handbook are also available on the web site, so that regulations that were in force at a particular time can be applied where necessary.

Statutory returns (HESA, HEFCW, NSS)

Online module directory and selection

Student transfers between programmes

Programme approvals

Modifications to programmes and modules

Evaluation of Academic Programme(s) is the process by which taught programmes undergo an annual evaluation. Statistics for both undergraduate and postgraduate awards are produced by the Academic Registry, and uploaded to the Web site.