HEAR: the Higher Education Achievement Report 

The University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC) is one of the eighteen participants in the HEAR pilot project. It is also taking part in the enlarged second phase of the project. HEARs can be generated for students on awards in the scope of these phases (and, indeed, any other awards), but HEARs are not distributed until the "live" phase of the project.

  • Generate a HEAR (only UWIC staff in the MIS Unit and Information Services Division have the access privileges to do this)

UWIC's HEAR is printed on 4 sides of A4, as follows:

  1. sections 1 to 4 of the HEAR, with the award, classification and date appearing at the foot of the page; 
  2. programme modules with marks and grades, including a "drill-down" to assessment component information which use the assessment types approved by UWIC;
  3. sections 5 to 8 of the HEAR;
  4. information on awards, credits and levels.

Section 6.1 of the HEAR allows information to be included which provides a richer picture of achievement that is not credit-bearing related directly to the programme of study. UWIC's precepts for including information in this section have been approved by its Learning and Teaching Board. The intention is first to include information about the Students Union sabbatical officers and prizes awarded by the institution.