Forensic Psychology Research Group 

There are 2 primary aims of this group. First, to conduct internationally recognised research. Second, to provide high quality training to practitioners in applied settings. The group has strong links with national and local providers of services for offenders in both the public and private sectors.

FPRG carries out research on a range of projects relevant to our understanding of casual factors in crime, risk for serious offending, relationship between psychological abnormality and offending, drug / alcohol abuse, motivational factors and compliance / treatment effectiveness for offenders.

FPRG is currently engaged in the following projects
  • TSS evaluation
  • Statistical models of re-offending in forensic psychiatry Justice Image
  • Offenders’ Motivation
  • Cognition in Offenders
  • Assessment and Interventions (including RCT interventions)
  • Evaluating critical incident support

Training programmes
  • Enhancing motivation in hard to engage clients
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Anger Management