Cellular Senescence and Vascular Biology Group 

The group carries out research on the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie the relationship between ageing and cardiovascular diseases and on the biology of megakaryocyte development

 Group history and highlights of past research

Research themes and ongoing projects

Ageing, cellular senescence and cardiovascular disease

 The influence of life-style and psychosocial factors on ageing 

 Biomarkers of Frailty

 Mechanisms of endothelial cell senescence and cytoprotection

Megakaryocyte development

 Regulation of megakaryocyte differentiation 

 Inhibitors of platelet production

Current group members

Jorge D Erusalimsky, PhD, Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Group Leader
Lee Butcher, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Associate
Hannah Donovan, MSc, Research Assistant
Anna Uryga, PhD, Postgraduate Research Student
Anna Cardus, PhD, Visiting Scientist
Laura Villalobos, BSc, Visiting Postgraduate Research Student
Clare Cole, PhD, Postodoctoral Research Associate
Prof Concepcion Peiro, PhD, Visiting Professor