James Feeney 
Graduated: 2006
Job: Assistant Clinical Psychologist

Why did you choose UWIC?
Well, I really wanted to come to Cardiff as a city I think it’s great, and had spent some time here before so that was my first decider. As for UWIC I was really attracted to its ethos. It didn’t just cater for those with the best grades or clear cut skills, it was more diverse and open to the experiences I had for the course I wanted. So in a nutshell, it’s diversity and openness really.

Why did you choose the particular course?
Well, I really wanted to study psychology, and so the fact that it was BPS (British Psychological Society Accredited) was a major attraction.

How beneficial did you find the course?
I think that the course has been so beneficial. The quality of teaching was just so good for me. It really prepared me for the work I do, and I now realise that the course was designed to give me skills that I wasn’t aware I was getting. It really had a good balance of lectures/tutorials and on the other hand encouraging me to learn independently.

What have you gone on to do since graduation? How easy did you find employment upon graduation - how long did it take? is it relevant to what you studied?
I’m currently working as an assistant clinical psychologist in The Memory Team, Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust. It’s great to be doing something that I studied for, and I’m constantly using the skills I learned. It took me a year to get the job, but that’s pretty good going as it’s a very competitive career path. I had to do some voluntary work as well to get the right references, but my degree obviously really helped.

Did they go onto study at postgraduate level, if so, why? If not, would you consider doing a PG programme in future?
I would one day consider postgraduate study. If |I continue on the clinical psychology career path I will have to do a Doctorate so that’s the current basic plan. If that falls through then doing some other PhD is really appealing (not sure in which area or topic though/ psychology has too many interesting fields to choose just yet)

Would you recommend UWIC and the course?
Yes, I’d definitely recommend the course and UWIC. UWIC benefits from being split up into different campuses, so the courses have nice amounts of numbers on them, so you get to kind of know everyone (a bit). It’s all really friendly and you feel really at ease really quickly. Because the numbers aren’t huge it makes it easier to get more out of lectures and group work. There’s definitely a more personal approach in UWIC.