Career Opportunities 

Most of our graduates are working in private practice as self-employed practitioners, who have set up their own businesses, for example: 

  • Cinnabar Health (Newport)
  • Hi Therapies (Bournemouth)
  • ACT (Associated Contemporary Therapies) is a business offering a comprehensive range of therapies and classes in Cardiff.
  • Cotswold Therapies (Gloucestershire)

One of our graduates works as a therapist at Craig Y Parc special school. Several of our graduates have gained therapeutic positions at Velindre Cancer hospital in Cardiff, at the George Thomas Hospice and at the Marie Curie Hospice at Holme Tower, Penarth.

Other graduates have pursued careers in the management of the complementary therapy provision at hospices or in the community, for example, at The Hospice of the Valleys in Ebbw Vale, at George Thomas Hospice in Cardiff, and at the George Eliot hospital and Mary Ann Evans hospice in Nuneaton.  

Listen to what our students say about Employment Opportunities:



The programme helps to prepare students for employment in a number of ways:

Real-life experiences are provided through work placements and in clinics. Students complete their basic professional training during the first two years of the programme, during this period they develop their skills in the teaching clinics. In their final year, the students are qualified practitioners and take responsibility for running the Complementary Therapies Clinic which is open to the general public at a subsidised rate.

Final year students also spend time on work placement. Currently we are working with several organisations in the local community including schools for children with special needs, day centres for adults with disabilities, drug intervention programmes, and palliative care organisations. The student evaluations of their work placements reflect the importance of this experience, and feedback from the host organisations demonstrates how valuable the service users have found this provision.

Students are also prepared for future employment by the business module which is a part of the programme run by the Cardiff School of Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Some of our students have continued to receive business advice and support after graduation.

The programme also lays a foundation for a career as a researcher. Some of our graduates have acquired the skills and the motivation necessary to continue their education through post-graduate studies in research (e.g. MPhil/PhD).