Biomedical Science 
Biomedical Sciences
Many of our programmes are accredited by the Institute for Biomedical Science. Find out Below
The Centre for Biomedical Sciences has an extensive range of facilities for both teaching and research.
Career Opportunities
A Biomedical Science degree opens up career opportunities working in the medical industry

Study Biomedical Science at Cardiff Met
Biomedical Science integrates some of today’s most advanced and exciting scientific disciplines – and here at  the Cardiff School of Health Sciences' Biomedical Science, you can discover the latest cutting-edge research, from how diseases develop to how they affect the normal functioning of the body.

As an undergraduate or postgraduate, you’ll follow a comprehensive programme that’s fully accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS). You’ll also gain practical experience, spending a year of your degree course in an accredited NHS clinical laboratory.  Here you’ll have the chance to earn up to £18k while working alongside a team of practicing biomedical scientists.

Cardiff Met is the only university or college in South Wales to offer such a valuable route into Biomedical Science.

Careers in Biomedical Science
The NHS depends on Biomedical Scientists for critical diagnosis and treatment regimens – two essential areas of patient care. Working closely with Clinicians and other Healthcare Professionals, Biomedical Scientists also develop new treatments and diagnostic methods, and play an important role in advancing analytical techniques.

With these responsibilities, Biomedical Scientists can attain NHS grades equivalent to Consultant level.

The private sector also offers important career opportunities.  The diverse knowledge and skills you’ll gain at Cardiff Met will prepare you for many disciplines, including research in Biochemistry, Haematology, Virology and Microbiology.

By studying Biomedical Science, you’ll also have an invaluable foundation, leading to postgraduate research or even offering a fast-track into medicine.

About the Cardiff Biomedical Research Centre
Biomedical Science at Cardiff Met has a rich culture of research, spanning a wide area of medical science. 

Our prestigious Ageing Research Group is internationally renowned, and has recently twinned with University College London to further explore and improve the lives of older people. This project has substantial funding from the Medical Research Council.

Other important research centres include:
The Diabetes and Metabolic Health Group, The Microbiology and Infection Group and the internationally recognised Immunology and Allergy Group. All these groups have received extensive funding from various awarding bodies and collaborate with universities, Healthcare Trusts and international institutions.

Other funded research activities at the centre include:

  • Studying the role of exercise and dietary lipids in regulating diabetes;
  • The antibacterial (MRSA) effects of honey;
  • Environmental and food allergens in asthma;
  • Anti-thrombogenic compounds in haematological malignancies.

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