Student Teacher Expectations 

Your experience as a student teacher will be an exciting and challenging one. In order to ensure you are ready for the challenge of our rewarding programmes we have developed a set of expectations for our student teachers. This document is designed to help you understand the requirements of life as a student teacher, to establish the demands of the programmes and assist in us resolving any issues which may arise through your school and university experience.

If you are offered and accept a place on any programme at Cardiff Metropolitan University or the University of South Wales, you should understand and accept the following statements:

  • I am ready to meet the demands of an intensive, challenging and rewarding programme.

  • I will display commitment and enthusiasm when undertaking school experience. I understand that I may be required to attend parents’ evenings, staff meetings, out of hours learning, etc that are outside of normal teaching hours.

  • I will show commitment to attending university and school sessions. I understand that I can only be absent for genuine reasons and that I will notify the school, my university tutor and the Partnerships Office as soon as possible; and thereafter on a daily basis.

  • I will respect the decision with regard to my school experience placement.  I also understand that tutors cannot guarantee a placement close to where I live. However, if I declare a disability, I understand that reasonable adjustments will be made based on recommendations from The University of South Wales or Cardiff Metropolitan University's Disability Department.

  • I understand that all student teachers will have to make their own travel arrangements to attend school experience placements. For postgraduate student teachers, any travel costs incurred will be their responsibility whilst undergraduate student teachers receive expenses to be determined by the universities.

  • I will act in accordance with the expectations and values of both universities and act appropriately as a representative of those institutions by adhering to the SEWCTET Code of Conduct at all times. I agree to abide by all school policies and to act in a fully professional and considerate manner.

  • If I am offered a place/ change my mind after being offered a place/refuse an offer of a place, I agree to let the Admissions Department know as soon as possible.

  • I understand that the offer of a place can only be conditional upon academic entry requirements, DBS clearance and a successful health check.