Arts and Humanities Research Group 

Staff and Academic Associates in the Arts and Humanities Research Group (AHRG) cultivate a wide range of research interests  across the subject areas of English, Creativity and Contemporary Media.
There are strong emphases on interdisciplinarity, creative practice and theory, contemporary literature and culture, modernism, and digital cultures. All staff are engaged in creative and/or research-based projects and activities, across a spectrum that includes poetry and fiction, literary research and publication, PhD candidature, conference and workshop organisation, and collaborative projects with external partners in the literary and cultural fields.

LATEST NEWS (November 2013)

Recent projects and publications include:

• In the Washington Post, 29 October 2013, an interview by Carole Burns with the American novelist Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club, about his latest novel Doomed. Carole interviews regularly for the Washington Post.

• The Transgressive Iain Banks: Essays on a Writer Beyond Borders (McFarland, 2013). Edited by Martyn Colebrook and Dr. Katharine Cox, this is the first collection of critical work to be published on this key contemporary writer since his untimely death in 2013.

• ‘Ms H and Me’ and ‘Roundabout’: short stories published by Dr Kate North in the journal American, British and Canadian Studies, 2013. Dr North is currently working on a collection of short stories.

• Dr Kathryn Simpson’s Woolf: A Guide for the Perplexed (Bloomsbury) and her co-edited Virginia Woolf: Twenty-First Century Woolf (Edinburgh University Press) are both in progress and forthcoming in 2014.

• ‘T.H. Huxley, Science and Cultural Agency’; an essay by Professor Jeff Wallace in the book, Darwin, Tennyson and their Readers, edited by Valerie Purton and published by Anthem Press in 2013.

• The Space Between Childhood And Adulthood: Violence And The Figure Of The Adolescent In Edward Bond's Birmingham Plays, 1995 - present. Ongoing PhD research by Meryl Hopwood.

• Thinking with John Berger: an international conference on the work of John Berger, to be held at Cardiff Metropolitan University, 4-5 September 2014. Keynote speakers Bruce Robbins (Columbia) and Peter de Bolla (Cambridge). Organiser, Professor Jeff Wallace.

• ‘Waterways and Walkways: Cardiff, #GlamCan and the Interactive Digital Community’; a collaborative project involving Dr Kate Watson and Dr Spencer Jordan, funded by Creative Exchange Wales Network (£4K).

• Looking for Port Talbot; Rob Taffurrelli’s ongoing research explores the relationships between film, location, identity and community, and the global success of three actors – Burton, Hopkins and Sheen – within the contexts of national cinema and devolved cultures in the UK.

• SIP (Strategic Insight Programme)-funded project (£2.5K) between Stroke Association Cymru and Professor Jeff Wallace to explore the potential for bibliotherapy groups and techniques for stroke survivors in Cardiff and South-East Wales.  

Group membership

Meryl  Hopwood
Emma Thayer

Contemporary Media
Nina Jones
Rob Taffurrelli

Creative Writing
Carole Burns
Dr Spencer Jordan
Dr Kate North

Dr Carmen Casaliggi
Dr Dimitra Fimi
Dr Kathryn Simpson
Professor Jeff Wallace
Dr Kate Watson

Academic Associates (doctoral researchers)
James Farrar
Emily Garside
Andrew Higgins
Selina Philpin
Alia Mohamed Taher
Lucy Windridge