Educational Studies 

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This degree combines Educational Studies with a specialist pathway of your choice.

This innovative course includes an exploration of psychological, sociological and historical issues in education. The focus is on learning throughout life and explores pertinent issues across the age ranges from early childhood into adulthood. We critically examine key educational research and policy and how these impact on education. Examples of modules include: An Introduction to the Psychology of Education in year 1, Professionalism in the Workplace in year 2 (which incorporates a work-based placement) and in year 3, ICT in Education.

As part of the programme you will investigate Educational Studies with one of these specialist pathways:

Early Childhood Studies
This pathway focuses on the 0-8 years age range and examines key issues such as child development, inclusive practice and observational practice in an early years setting (which incorporates a work-based placement). Practical workshops which link theory and practice together will be an integral part of the course, including the use of the outdoor environment with young children.

The study of English will engage with your enthusiasm for reading and literature and introduce you to advanced critical thinking in the form of theoretical practice. We have a strong focus on contemporary literature and we'll encourage you to engage with new trends relating to your area of interest.

Sport and Physical Activity
Among other areas, this pathway examines: sport and exercise physiology; physical activity and health related issues, sports principles, techniques and analysis, and explores current issues in physical education. You will be able to choose specific sports to specialise in from a wide range of National Curriculum-based sports.

Mae'r astudiaeth o'r Gymraeg yn ymchwilio i hunaniaeth Gymreig drwy archwilio iaith, llythrennedd, diwylliant a chymdeithas. Byddwch yn archwilio hunaniaeth Gymreig gyfoes mewn cyd-destun cenedlaethol a rhyngwladol.

    Gwybodaeth fanwl am y modiwlau sydd ar gael ar y llwybr Cymraeg      Cwestiynau ac atebion am y llwybr Cymraeg

Y Llwybr Cymraeg - safbwynt myfyriwr


Myfyrwyr yn canmol y rhaglen


Safbwynt y myfyrwyr ar y gefnogaeth gan ddarlithwyr

    Safbwynt y myfyrwyr ar y lleoliadau gwaith sydd ar gael ar y rhaglen

Myfyrwyr yn siarad am yr hyn y maent am ei wneud ar ôl graddio

  Myfyriwr yn siarad am gyflogadwyedd

The study of Welsh investigates Welsh identity through the exploration of language, literacy, culture and society. You'll examine modern Welsh identity in a national and international context.

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Student Career Potential:
This course will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of educational issues and your chosen pathway area as well as developing key skills which will prepare you for your future career within the diverse field of education.

Some of our graduates have embarked upon the Post Graduate Certificate in Education or Graduate Teacher Programme. Other graduates have pursued careers in nursery management, educational welfare and worked as education officers for local education authorities. This degree also provides access to a range of other interesting careers, some of which may require further qualifications. Examples include careers advisory work; social work; youth and community work and hospital play work.

We are pleased to guarantee an interview for the PGCE Primary course at Cardiff Met and PGCE Secondary Sport (for Sport and Physical Activity students only) on successful completion of our degree, subject to meeting statutory entry requirements.