Dr. Spencer Jordan 


Position: Programme Director for MA Humanities and the School's Learning, Teaching and Assessment Co-ordinator 
School:  Cardiff School of Education 
E-mail:  sjordan@cardiffmet.ac.uk 
Telephone:  029 2041 7246 
Room No:  C012 

Research Groups:

• Pedagogy And Andragogy Research Group (PARG)
• Narratives, Identities and Place Research Group

• Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
• JISC Learning and Teaching Practice Experts Group
• Full Member of the Academi (Welsh Writers' Society)

Research Interests:
• Historical Fiction
• IT and pedagogy
• Creativity (specifically creative writing)


Books / book chapters:
Jordan, S. (July 2014) ‘“An Infinitude of Possible Worlds”: Towards a Research Method for Hypertext Fiction’. In New Writing: The International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing. [Online] Available at http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/14790726.2014.932390 

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Refereed conference papers:
North, K. and Jordan, S. (November 2011) ‘Literary Tourism: Exploring Cardiff’, NAWE Conference, Northampton.

Jordan, S. (July 24th 2010) Narratives of Power: The Construction of a Bristolian Elite, 1835-1939. A Second City Remembered: Rethinking Bristol's History, 1400-2000, Regional History Centre, University of the West of England, Bristol.

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Jordan, S. (June 27th-29th 2008.) Supporting Student Creativity Through Technology, Great Writing 2008 Conference, National Institute for Excellence in the Creative Industries, Bangor University.

Jordan ,S., T Rafik & M Williams (1-5 March 2005) , ‘Use of Animations in delivering a Electronic Computer Aided Design Course through a Virtual Learning Environment’, Exploring Innovation in Education and Research, Tainan, Taiwan.

Jordan, S. (2-3rd April 1998) Urban History Group Conference, Leeds, 'The Taming of Demos and 'Electoral Poetics' After 1867: the Case of Bristol's Political Elite'.

Jordan, S. (August 26-30 1996) International Conference for the Association of History and Computing, Moscow, 'The Handling of Large textual Sources: the Identification and Analysis of an Urban Elite, 1871-1921'.


 Project  Funding Amount  Year(s)  Role
People's Journeys / Teithiau Pobl (partner: Centre for Creativity Ltd.)
CEWN £3,814 August 2014 Lead Applicant
Waterways and Walkways: Cardiff, #GlamCan and the Interactive Digital Community Creative Exchange Wales Network CEWN £3,000 2013 Creative Partner
Technology Enhanced Learning to Support a Welsh Centre for Workforce Development JISC £177,000.00 March 2009 Project Consultant
E-Assessment in Wales  JISC £95,000.00  2007 - 2009 Project Manager
'The Potential of Portals in Education' HEA £10,000.00 2004  Project Manager


Dr Spencer Jordan is Programme Director for MA Humanities programmes; he is the School's Learning, Teaching & Assessment Co-ordinator; is a member of the editorial board of Creative Writing Studies; and a member of Literature Wales. He was the Chair of the English-language Panel for the 2012 Wales Book of the Year Award.

Spencer's first novel, Journeys in the Dead Season, was published by Macmillan in 2005. Dr Jordan has been teaching in Cardiff Met’s Department of Humanities since 2007, predominantly creative writing (including historical fiction), digital narratives and research methods. He is currently supervising three doctoral students.

Spencer completed his PhD in 1999 at the University of the West of England, Bristol, (UWE) research that centred on a detailed prosopographical analysis of Bristolian political and economic elites between 1835 and 1939 (externally supervised by Professor Rick Trainor and Professor Sir David Cannadine).

Before that Dr Jordan completed his MA thesis in 1993 at the Institute of Historical Studies, University of College London, before moving to UWE as a research associate on the Bristol Historical Databases Project. In 1999 Dr Jordan gained a teaching qualification at the University of Keele; subsequently he was employed at UWE as Senior Co-ordinator for E-Learning before moving to Cardiff Met in 2003 as Senior Learning Development Co-ordinator for the Learning and Teaching Development Unit.

Dr Jordan’s particular teaching interests include historical fiction; digital texts and storytelling; and the degree to which the use of new technology, including Web 2.0, can assist the creative workshop.  

External Links

• External Assessor - Middlesex University, Validation of MA Writing for Creative and Professional Practice, June 2013
• Internal Assessor - University of Wales. Validation of British Institute of Technology & E-Commerce (BITE), MBA Media Management, November 2010
• External Panel Member (Re-approval) - University of Derby, BA (Hons) Creative Writing, January 2011 

Further Information
• On 14th September 2009, Spencer Jordan was invited onto Radio Wales to discuss the influence of historical fiction on the Man Booker Prize shortlist for 2009. He was joined by Welsh novelist, Tom Anderson, and the show was hosted by Bethan Rhys Roberts.
• Dr Jordan invites PhD applicants with a particular interest in the use of the ‘historical’ and representation of ‘voice’ and ‘place’ within the novel