Dr. Katharine Cox 




Head of the Department for Humanities

School: Cardiff School of Education
E-mail: kcox@cardiffmet.ac.uk
Telephone:   029 2020 7146
Room No: C205


Research Groups:
• Pedagogy And Andragogy Research Group (PARG)
• Arts And Humanities Research Group (AHRG)

• UK Modern Fiction Network

Research Interests:
• Contemporary fiction, especially the writings of Jeanette Winterson, Philip Pullman, Peter Ackroyd and Iain Banks
• Space and place in contemporary fiction
• Detective fiction
• Psychogeography
• The city and the urban



Peer refereed journals:
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Books / Book chapters:
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Conference papers:
Cox, K., Fimi, D., Jordan, S. and North, K. (2011) 'Literary Walks: Exploring Cardiff Bay (UK) through E-Learning'. Education & e-Learning Conference Singapore. Global Science and Technology Forum (GSTF) Singapore. [presented by K. Cox] 8/11/11 http://dl.globalstf.org/

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"In Transit": Literature on the Move: "Every new beginning prompts a return" (Winterson, 2004: 209): The journey as 'leitmotif' in Jeanette Winterson's oevre. 20/05/07

Bridging Fantasies: The Writing of Iain (M.) Banks (University of Westminster) Co-organiser, host, chair 2/09/06

"Mentoring: The ITT/CPD Interface" Yorkshire and Humber ITT Partnership Conference (Wakefield) Co-presented keynote address with Shirley Jackson (University of Hull) 24/06/05

Near and Dear - Gender, Generation and Genealogy: Friends and Family Figures in Contemporary Fiction (University of Hull) Delegate: presented "'What has made me?' Mother as Text in Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves" 14/05/05

Hystorical Fictions: Women, History and Authorship International Women's Conference Swansea. Presented paper and submitted article for consideration "'The future is foretold from the past and the future is only possible because of the past' Jeanette Winterson's Labyrinthine Reconstruction of the Past"; submitted for consideration 3/08/03

European Intertexts Fourth Annual International Conference (University of Naples) "Navigating The Passion: Jeanette Winterson's Labyrinthine Reconstruction of the Past" 3/06/03

Professional / non-refereed publications:
Cox, K. (2009) "Wild Words" in "The Spaces In Between" .Cent Spring/Summer, Issue 13, 2009 pp. 96-99

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Dr Katharine Cox joined Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2006 having completed her PhD at the University of Hull. Katharine's PhD thesis examined the significance of the maze and labyrinth in contemporary fiction, connecting narrative complexity with early archaeological and literary examples. She’s currently working on a monograph based on this earlier research.

After becoming Head of Department in 2009, Katharine has worked to develop the distinctiveness of the programmes available in Humanities. This includes the consolidation of the English programmes, embedding of the employability focus across the degrees and identifying and working with relevant stakeholders to ensure the currency of the programmes.

Katharine’s research interests feed into the research group, Narratives, Identities and Place, which has a thematic focus across a variety of disciplines. In particular, the group is working with external partners to draw upon the literary significance of the city of Cardiff (see research publications).

She's currently completing an edited collection on the work of Iain M. Banks and hopes then to return to an interest in the writing of Jeanette Winterson. She welcomes PhD candidates in her fields of research interest or teaching as outlined on this webpage.


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• Book Reviews Editor - Critical Engagements: A Journal of Criticism and Theory



Further Information

Current teaching interests:
• Detective Fiction
• Literary Transformations
• Critical Practice
• The City: Identity, Sexuality and Space