Dr Jill Llewellyn-Williams 




Deputy Programme Director for Postgraduate CPD Framework

School: Cardiff School of Education
E-mail: jlwilliams@cardiffmet.ac.uk  
Telephone:   029 2041 6462
Room No: C021


Research Groups:
• Pedagogy And Andragogy Research Group (PARG)

• Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
• Member of British Association of Applied Linguistics and Association of Language Learning

Research Interests:
• Modern Foreign Languages: Teaching and Learning
• Language Acquisition and Memory
• Linguistic Competence
• Assessment
• Student Motivation and Involvement


Peer refereed journals
Llewellyn-Williams, J. and Roberts, G. (2011) ‘Confidence, Competence and Creativity: using online presentations’. CALL Review, Journal of the Learning Technologies Special Interest Group of  IATEFL, Winter 2011

Llewellyn-Williams, J. (2012) ‘In Search of Lost Language: A Study into the reactivation of lapsed language skills.’  Apples: Journal of Applied Linguistics. Vol.6 (2), pp.61-73.

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Winfield, M. and Llewellyn-Williams, J. (2012) ‘The Clywch Report - effects on the working conditions and practices of drama teachers in secondary schools in south Wales’ Cardiff School of Education Research Papers, Volume 6.

Llewellyn-Williams, J. (2014) ‘Reactivation of Lapsed Languages in the Context of Modern Foreign Languages Teacher Education’ Language Learning Journal. Vol.42 (1), pp.103-116.  

Books/ book chapters
Llewellyn-Williams, J. (2013) ‘Managing Learners’ Needs – policy, research and practice’ in Driscoll, P., Macaro, E. and Swarbrick, A. (eds.) Language Learning: research, policy and practice. London: Routledge.

Conference  papers
Llewellyn-Williams, J. (2005) ‘Undergraduate Language Programmes: A Personal Perspective.’  Navigating the New Languages Landscape Conference. University of London, 30 June, 2004. Available on http://www.llas.ac.uk/resources/paper/2268

Llewellyn-Williams, J. (2009) ‘Reactivating Lapsed Language Skills – an Exploration of Language Memory.’  Languages in Higher Education Conference: Transitions and Connections. University of York, 8-9 July, 2008. Available on http://www.llas.ac.uk/resources/paper/3228

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Llewellyn-Williams, J. (2010) ‘Going, Going, Gone. A Study of Language Memory.’ Applied Linguistics, Global and Local: 43rd Annual Meeting of the British Association of Applied Linguistics. University of Aberdeen, 9-11 September 2010. London: Scitsiugnil Press, pp.183-188. Available on http://www.baal.org.uk/confprocs.html.

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Llewellyn-Williams, J. and Laugharne, J. (2013) Triple Literacy: benefit or befuddlement? A study of the experiences of trainee language teachers in a Welsh language context. Opening New Lines of Communication in Applied Linguistics: 46th Annual Meeting of the British Association of Applied Linguistics. Herriot Watt Edinburgh, 5-7 September 2013. 


Jill Llewellyn-Williams is EdD (Professional Doctorate) Pathway Leader.  Her initial degree is in Modern Foreign Languages.  She worked as a French teacher and later as Head of European Languages for 17 years in local secondary schools. She also undertook a one-year post-to-post teaching exchange to Martigues, near Marseille, during which time she also worked part-time for Marseille University. She completed her Master's degree in 1996, studying for a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) as a means of developing a fresh perspective on Education. Her dissertation was on Education Law. She joined Cardiff School of Education as a teacher educator in 2001.  She has a keen interest in assessment and worked as a GCSE French examiner for the WJEC since the inception of the examination in 1988. She developed this interest by her involvement in Question Paper committees and became GCSE French Chief Examiner in 2000. She continued in this role until 2009, completing her EdD later that same year.  She is active in the Master’s in Education programme, teaching research skills and education policy.  In addition, she supervises PhD students in the UK and overseas, mainly in the domain of linguistics and language pedagogy. She is an active researcher, her focus being mainly on subject knowledge development, language memory, attrition and the reactivation of lapsed language skills.

Further Information

External Examiner  BA Modern Foreign Languages programme at Edge Hill University 2007 - 2011
GCSE French Chief Examiner 2000 - 2009 (WJEC)
Assistant Examiner GCSE French 1988 - 2000 (WJEC)
Consultant                                             QCA Senior Examiners' Comparability Study of UK Awarding Bodies GCSE French (January / February 2006)
Inaugural Member CILT Cymru Advisory Board (2002 - 2004)