Dr Andrew Morrison 


Position:  Lecturer in Educational Studies 
School:  Cardiff School of Education 
E-mail:  amorrison@cardiffmet.ac.uk 
Telephone:   029 2041 6646 
Room No:  Q029a 

Research Groups:

• Arts And Humanities Research Group (AHRG)

• British Educational Research Association (BERA)
• British Sociological Association (BSA)

Research Interests:
Andrew specialises in post-compulsory education and training with particular reference to the influence of 'race', class and gender upon young people's educational experiences and decision-making


Peer refereed journals:
Morrison, A. (2013) ‘A Class Act: Lecturers’ Views on Undergraduates’ Employability’ British Journal of Sociology of Education http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/01425692.2013.802420

Morrison, A. (2013) ‘Outclassed?: Undergraduates’ Perceptions of the Competition for Primary Teaching Jobs in England and Wales Sociological Research Online, 18 (3)

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Morrison, A. (2011) ‘Learning cultures in travel and tourism: a critique of Manuela du Bois-Reymond’s trendsetter learner thesis’ Research in Post-Compulsory Education 16 (3): 357-369.

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Morrison, A. (2008) 'I can't do any more education': Class, Individualization and Educational Decision-Making' Journal of Vocational Education and Training 60 (4): 349-362

Morrison, A. (2009) ''Too comfortable'? Young People, Social Capital Development and the F.H.E Institutional Habitus' Journal of Vocational Education and Training 61 (3): 217-230

Book chapters:
Morrison, A. (2012)‘‘If you’re holding a degree in this country no-one’s gonna ask no questions’: Intra-categorical Intersectionality and BAME Youth Post-Compulsory Educational Achievement in the U.K’. In Intersectionality and ‘Race’ in Education, Preston, J. and Bhopal, K. (eds), 116-137. London: Routledge.

Conference papers:
BERA, University of Sussex, 3rd—5th September 2013: ‘‘I think that’s bad’: Lay Normativity and Class and Gender Barriers to Employment in Primary Teaching in the UK’.

DPR, University of Greenwich, 9th—11th April 2013: ‘Hegemony and Responsibilisation: Getting Working-Class Students into Higher Education in the UK’.

Building Bridges: Community—University partnerships for social justice, Cardiff Metropolitan University, 28th March 2013: ‘University—Community Links: But What Kind of University?’.

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JVET, Worcester College, Oxford, 8th—10th July 2011: Crossing Sectors?: a case study of U.K undergraduates’ perceptions of employment across the public-private sector divide’.

BERA, University of Warwick, 1st—4th September 2010: ‘ ‘I want an education’: two case studies of working-class ambition and ambivalence in further and higher education’.

JVET, Worcester College, Oxford, 3rd-5th July 2009: An ambivalent Social Capital?: Youth Educational Decision-making and the F.H.E Institutional Habitus

W.I.E. Research Seminar Series, University of Warwick, 6 May 2009: 'The Trendsetter Thesis and the Culture of Learning'

BERA, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, 3-6 September 2008: "If you're holding a degree in this country no-one's gonna ask no questions': An Application of the Intersectionality Model of 'Race', Class and Gender to explain BME Youth Post-16 Educational Achievement'

Continuity and Change in Service Sector Education, University College Birmingham, 7 July 2008: ''The more things change...?: Class, Individualization and Post-compulsory Education'

Ways of Living, ENQUIRE, University of Nottingham, 17-18 June 2008: 'How to Theorise Youth Educational and Occupational Decision-Making: individualization and culturalist perspectives'

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BERA, Institute of Education, University of London, 5-8 September 2007: 'Institutional Habitus and the Vocational Positioning of Students: A Case Study'.

JVET, Worcester College, Oxford, 6-8 July 2007: 'Race, Class and Gender and the Development of Vocational Identities in FE'



Dr Morrison has taught in further and higher education since 1997. Prior to that he taught English in Spain and Poland.