Emissions and Effluents  

Fires, fume cupboards, etc may have a significant effect on air quality. We are seeking to minimise the likelihood of such events occurring, and their consequences, through a robust maintenance and servicing regime.

During 2010-11 Estates and Facilities completed an energy inspection programme of all the University's air conditioning units. Records of each unit are now centrally logged, including the energy output and the gasses contained within each unit. Those units containing the gas R22, (Ozone depleting gas), have been identified and a phased replacement of these gasses with environmentally friendly gasses is planned.

Refrigerant leak tests are now undertaken yearly as part of a planned preventative maintenance programme, as even environmentally friendly gasses used have a global warming potential.

All Schools that have processes requiring chemical experiments or release have detailed risk assessments, to ensure minimal impact on the local environment.

The University has reduced the number of chemicals in use from approximately 4000 to approximately 2000, during recent years and, for maintenance works, solvent-based products have been replaced with water based alternatives.