The following graph reflects that more waste is being recycled than taken to landfill, for several months of the year.

In 2010 we re-cycled 48% of all waste, and 2011 is currently exceeding this figure!

These significant achievements are down to the excellent efforts and support from staff and students. The effect of this culture change was further enhanced by the collection of dry, mixed re-cycling and the provision of non-segregated re-cycling bins.

The University also continues to operate a re-use scheme for redundant equipment and furniture, (thus reducing the amount of scrap).

In the future we intend to segregate Food and Organic Waste that can be composted to further reduce our landfill tonnages.

Our eventual aim is to recycle at least 75% of our total waste.

Please check the following link before buying anything new!: Re-Use Ads

For further information regarding the University's waste management plans please contact your local Campus Services Manager.