Environmental Incidents 
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To report an environmental incident, you should contact your line manager or the campus main reception.

The following is an example list of environmental incidents that might occur in the workplace, and would therefore be reportable to Campus Services.

  • A spill or leak (e.g. engine oil at the car parks, cooking oil or excessive milk release during goods deliveries or transport);
  • Water leaks;
  • Burning waste or other material on site;
  • Excessive litter around the campuses;
  • Failure to segregate hazardous and non-hazardous waste;
  • Fly tipping;
  • Killing or injuring a protected species;
  • Land contamination;
  • Light regularly left on / or shining intrusively into a neighbouring land or property;
  • Nuisance (e.g. excessive dust, smoke, fumes, gas, odour noise);

Note: Any of the above could escalate to being a major incident if not managed.
Remember that environmental near misses are events where environmental incidents have fortunately not occurred, but recurrence of the event or similar might cause pollution or adversely impact on planned environmental arrangements or if left unattended they may result in an incident.

Near misses should also be reported at the Main Reception.

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