Getting Involved & Personal Responsibility 
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There are many ways that staff and students can help reduce the University's impact on the environment; here is a reminder of a few good practice points and tips:

Note: If you'd like to find out more about the broader actions and initiatives at the University - click here.

  • Conserve energy (e.g. by switching off PCs, monitors, lights and other non essential equipment when not in use, particularly before going home).
  • Conserve water (e.g. by turning off taps after use and reporting dripping taps at Main Reception).
  • Dispose of waste and litter correctly, using designated bins. (There's also Reduce, Re-use, Recycle)
  • Get active and leave the car at home: try an alternative travel mode to get to work or campus - click here to find out more
  • Consider the surrounding neighbours and community when planning and carrying out activities (e.g. noise or odour).
  • Minimise air pollution by switching of vehicles and equipment when not in use.
  • Only use oils and chemicals in controlled and designated areas; Do not pour chemicals, oils, contaminated water, etc down sinks or drains.
  • Get involved: If you have an idea how the university could further improve, or would like to take part in an environmental project, let us know.
  • Report all environmental incidents and complaints immediately to your line manager or Main Reception (click here for How):

Environmental Incidents
Sustainability Training

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