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The following chart illustrates the University's progress against targets for staff and student cycling, illustrating the continued increase in staff cyclists and the consistently high number of student cyclists.


  •  Bicycle User Group (BUG)

Since its inception in 2004 the University BUG has grown to 285 members, which equates to 25.3% of all staff. The University now has 13% of staff cycling daily to campus.

  • Bike 2 the University Scheme

The University’s Health & Well Being action plan includes a cycling promotion. Four weeks each year are designated as 'Bike to the University' weeks, whereby participants are supported with a free breakfast each day. To date the highest number of staff participants is 106.

The initiatives are planned to coincide with the University's peak traffic periods, ie September/October and the UK National Cycling Week in June.

Note: September 2009 had a low participant level due to the particularly inclement weather that year

  • OY Bike Stats

In 2010 the University became the first Welsh University to offer communal bicycle access to students, staff and the public. Working closely with Cardiff City Council, spaces for 18 bicycles were installed at the Llandaff, Plas Gwyn and Evelian Court sites.

The scheme provides access to over 140 bicycles at 20 locations throughout Cardiff. In the first year Llandaff Campus alone witnessed 482 individual journeys made to a wide range of destinations.

  • Walk2 the University

Linking activities to the University's Health and Wellbeing programme, resulted in an increased focus on walking during 2010/11. Various promotions and incentives included free pedometers, a “Walk around the World in 80 days” competition, social walking groups and free breakfasts (52 participants) for four weeks a year.

The University has witnessed an increase in walking as a preferred mode with 29% of students and 8% of staff currently walking to Campus in comparison to statistics of 27% and 6% from the 2009 Survey.