UWIC are BUSA trampoline champions! 

AFTER a huge success at the Welsh National Trampoline Championships the trampolining squad from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC) have now been named BUSA champions.

The BUSA Trampoline Championships take place annually with students from universities all over the UK competing. Trampolining is one of the few BUSA sports that involves all abilities of performer, with athletes being able to compete at Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite level. The competition involves students who started jumping when they came to university, to the elite category, who regularly compete on national and international stages, performing routines including multiple twisting and multiple somersaulting movements.

Jake Bailey, Trampolining Coach at UWIC, said: “There were excellent performances from the UWIC team. The top three placed in Elite Men (Mark Samuels, Mike Yeates and Tom Yeates) meant that UWIC became BUSA Trampoline Team Champions. Perhaps next year we may be able to get BUSA to give team titles to the boys and girls so that we can go for two sets of BUSA points instead of just one. Well done UWIC Trampoline Team, once again we’re BUSA Champions!”

Competition Round-up:

This year the UWIC trampoline team travelled to Bristol in February for the southern qualifying round. There were many strong UWIC performances, including Amy Yelland, who became the Novice Ladies Southern Champion, in the process securing her place at the BUSA Finals. A number of others also gained the opportunity to compete in the finals, these were: Aaron Brown and Joel Collacott (Advanced Men), Sarah Gibbons and Sian Reece (Elite Women), and Dan Dudman, Mike Yeates, Mark Samuels and Tom Yeates (Elite Men). 

BUSA Trampoline Championships are the pinnacle of trampolining for university students and took place this year at the University of Manchester. Performances from the UWIC team began well with Amy Yelland leading her group after her first routine, but unfortunately touching the end mat in her second routine, which meant she dropped to 9th place.

In the Advanced Men’s category both Aaron and Joel performed well with Joel finishing 19th after hitting the side of the trampoline in his more difficult second routine. Aaron, like Amy, was leading the competition after his first routine, but following a shaky 2nd routine was out of medal contention, although still in a top 8 position securing him a final routine. This routine was much stronger and took him to 4th place.

Elite ladies were next to compete in a very large and strong group of 54 competitors.  Both UWIC competitors in this category completed difficult routines beginning with double front somersaults with a half twist.  They finished in very respectable places with Sian coming 25th and Sarah, 10th.

Elite men were the last group to compete meaning all eyes in the hall were on them.  This too was a large group of 38 competitors, 4 of which were from UWIC.  After the preliminary rounds Tom and Dan were placed 10th and 11th respectively, and Mark and Mike finishing in the top 8, enabling them to compete one more routine with a view to move up a place or two. Mike competed first with a routine comprising of seven different double somersaults and only three single somersaults. Mark competed with a nine double somersault routine.  Both of the boy’s routines were well executed with Mike finishing 5th and Mark securing UWIC a bronze medal.

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