OCD student finds degree show a cleansing experience 

A STUDENT at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC) has used her own experience of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) as the inspiration behind her final degree show work.

Twenty-two-year-old Amy Jewell, a final year student on the Contemporary Textiles Practice course at UWIC’s School of Art & Design, has used her degree show exhibition as a celebration of her confronting the condition.

“I wanted my work to sympathise with sufferers and also to raise awareness of OCD,” explained Amy, originally from Hampshire but now living in Cardiff. “There are two parts to my exhibition; the gallery space with dirt and mould based upon confronting fears and overcoming something. The sterile corner with the projector is portraying that the dirt is in the mind, and it is just the fear and obsession – the nature of contamination.

“The pieces are a celebration of using materials with confidence with something that once terrified me and could look beautiful.”

From the age of 16 Amy developed a fear of contamination and dirt that became so out of control it stopped her living her life properly, until she sought help at 18-years-old.

“I couldn’t go out for far and I wanted to be in control of everything so there was no possible chance of contamination,” said Amy. “But with some help I got over it and doing this work has helped me put the experience behind me.

“While I was researching my project I went to an OCD help group and talked about the work that I’m doing. I want to help others and people are coming to the exhibition who I met at the help group. The message that I’m sending out is the title of the piece; “It’s OK, Everything’s Fine”.

Amy’s work will be on display at UWIC’s summer exhibition at the Llandaff and Howard Gardens campuses from Saturday 7 June to Friday 13 June, open from 10am to 8pm daily, 12noon finish on Friday 13.

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