Honey & Healing - A Sticky Subject 

21/11/2008 00:00 

Audiences at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC) will be shown how honey can be more than just a tasty treat spread across your toast, as Professor Rose Cooper of UWIC’s Cardiff School of Health Sciences exposes its ancient healing powers for the modern day wound.

Honey is an ancient remedy that has recently been re-introduced into modern clinical practice for managing wounds. Many therapeutic claims have been made for honey, which includes its antiseptic qualities and its ability to stimulate rapid healing.

However, the clinical evidence to support these claims is not obvious to the un-trained eye, underlying mechanisms of action are not yet fully exposed, with many medical personnel remaining skeptical about the benefits of honey.

In this opening lecture, Professor Cooper outlines the recent development of wound care products that contain honey and review advances in our understanding of the possible ways in which honey might promote improved wound healing.

In particular, she will demonstrate how research conducted at UWIC has contributed to changing attitudes to honey, as well as showcasing various success studies over the past few years.

Commenting on the development of this sticky and sweet subject, Dr Rose Cooper said: “When I became interested in this area eleven years ago, nobody was specializing in it, and now its quite encouraging to see that its actually available on subscription and getting used in hospitals. It’s fantastic that it’s beginning to get accepted and recognized as clinical healing remedy.”

“Its obviously not going to be the answer to all problems, but I think that in a relatively short space of time we’ve come an extremely long way, “she continued.

The event will be sponsored by Wounds UK, the only wounds communications company in the UK who specialize in opportunities for all healthcare professionals in the wound healing and management field, with a wine and buffet selection provided for guests after the lecture.

Wounds UK are also the publishers of Rose’s new book, “Honey in Modern Wounds Management, which was published late last week and co-edited by Dr Peter Molan, Waikato University, New Zealand and Dr Richard White, Worcester University, with copies of the book available to purchase following the lecture.

Note to editors:
Lecture: Wednesday 26th November 2008 / 5:45pm for 6pm start. Lecture Theatre A031, UWIC, Llandaff Campus, Western Avenue, Cardiff

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