New show at UWIC’s Capitol Centre gallery 

08/12/2008 12:30 


A THOUGHT provoking exhibition entitled I don’t know where I am is currently on show at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff’s (UWIC) gallery in Cardiff’s Capitol Centre.

The selection of paintings and objects by Rob Pepperell, Head of Fine Art at UWIC’s Cardiff School of Art & Design, will be on display to the public until Friday 19 December.

I am brain (Life-size model of a human brain in resin and metal, 2008)

Describing his work Rob said: “I don’t know where I am. What I mean is that I’m not certain where my physical boundaries are because I believe all boundaries, whether belonging to animate or inanimate objects, are fuzzy and blurry; nothing has fixed or precise edges.

“The consequence is that things we normally consider to be located in a defined place are actually spread across space. So while I know roughly where I am in the world I can only know this with a limited degree of precision. This is especially so when it comes to specifying the location of my mind, which (to some extent) is present in this document you are reading and in the works on show in this gallery.”

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