Graduate Puts Out Flames in Style 

01/11/2008 00:00 

A recent graduate from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC) is well equipped to set the design world on fire and then put out the flames in style with his idea for an ultra-modern and space-age looking fire extinguisher.

Adam Scott, aged 23, has designed the ‘X-STING-WISH’ which sets out to give the traditional fire extinguisher a radical make-over while improving sustainability, technical efficiency and effectiveness.

Adam spent several months working in close collaboration with the Fire Service and fire safety specialists to achieve authenticity and real-life relevance in his design, and has since enjoyed great success by taking third place at the Design Show Student Design Awards in Liverpool.

His product has also caught the attention of celebrated product design website Gizmodo UK which has ranked it as the ‘World’s coolest Fire Extinguisher’.

When discussing the inspiration for his design Adam commented: “Whilst in university a fire broke out in our kitchen, and it was apparent is that no one had used or knew how to use the fire safety equipment effectively or even at all.”

“This gave me inspiration and the idea to redesign the traditional fire extinguisher improving it ergonomically, aesthetically, sustainably and functionally.

For example, the design has a complete new approach to usage, materials, function, efficiency and sustainability making it far superior to any previous product.”

“Initially I took inspiration from fast cars and power tools, although most of my inspiration came from the main local fire station in Cardiff, the guys there helped me throughout the design process.”

When discussing his future career, Adam intends to be heavily involved in creating a better future in fire safety and developing his product.  He says: “I aim to be talking with manufacturers and ironing out the technical details, with the hopes of eventually becoming a household name such as Dyson.”

Recently, Adam also made it on to the short-list of students chosen from across the UK to take part in a new BBC TV reality series based at the Phillip Starke School of Design in Paris.

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