New Economies 
The global economy that has dominated Western culture for the past 30 years is increasingly beleaguered. Facing financial collapse on the one hand, and criticism for its failure to respond to social and environmental crises on the other, its central tenets are in need of radical rethinking. A new paradigm is developing, which combines a commitment to social justice and a respect for planetary limits.

This will not be a new mono-cultural economy, but a diverse system of economies, within an overarching framework of social and environmental justice. Researchers in this cluster focus on critique of old paradigms and constructive engagement with proposals for the new.  The New Economies research cluster has within it two of Cardiff Met's research centres.
 Cardiff Institute for Co-operative Studies (CICS)

CICS was established in April 2000 as the first Welsh centre providing strategic and applied research covering all aspects of the social economy. As well as presenting and publishing on a wide range of themes relating to the social economy, CICS researchers also engage in consultancy work for third-sector and public-sector organization on themes such as co-operative governance, employee ownership, community enterprise, co-operative production, co-operative retailing, community provision of services and credit unions.

 The Centre for Visioning Sustainable Societies (CViSS)

CViSS was established in 2009 to enable staff from different parts of the School to publish work and develop collaborative projects in areas related to sustainable development, global citizenship and ethics. The Centre will assist in the School's response to the Welsh Assembly Government and the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales's agenda for integrating these issues into the undergraduate and postgraduate curricula.
This research theme is co-ordinated by Dr. Molly Scott Cato