Information systems, technology and people 
The application of information systems and technology is an integral part of modern society which can facilitate a broad range of economic, political and socio-cultural benefits. Computer technology is now so broadly adopted by organisations that this technology (whatever form it takes) is a important tool for many professionals in many sectors.

We address how information systems and technologies are adopted and the impacts of adoption on the organisation and people working in those organisations.  There is great diversity in the ISTP research area, topics include (but are not limited to):

Spreadsheet Risk Management; Information systems development methodologies; Technology, People and Work; The ethics and legal aspects of biometrics; The technological aspects of biometrics; Multimedia in education and business; The cognitive and social aspects of HCI; Traveller Information Systems and inclusive design; E-Commerce in developing countries; Mobile technologies; Applied artificial intelligence in decision support systems and Health Informatics.
This research theme is co-ordinated by: Dr Simon Thorne.