Governance, Accountability and Social Justice 
Management and accounting are a set of social practices that occur in a wide variety of social and economic settings - the public, the private and the third sectors and hybrids of these.

We address the ways in which such practices are formed, embedded and deployed, as well as the effects that they have on economies and civil society more generally. We address how management and accounting regimes create particular power structures, cultures and social organisations. Of particular concern, therefore, is how management and accounting affect and determine governance, accountability and social justice. 

We take a broadly critical approach to explicating these issues in a theoretically robust way across a broad spectrum of fields that will include (but not be limited to): the world of work, higher education, local and regional government, social policy, production and consumption, equality and diversity, knowledge creation/control, technology, central government, public-private partnership, service delivery, globalisation and neoliberalism.
This research theme is co-ordinated by Dr Paul Williams