Sara Halbert 
Sara Halbert Sara Halbert
Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
Accounting, Economics and Finance
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By education, training and industry experience to date I am primarily a social scientist and am able to bring my specialist knowledge to the field of accounting and management, generally, and more specifically to the terms ‘Risk' and ‘Risk Management'.

I currently lecture in the subjects of accounting but previous to this my accounting experience was dominated by internal audit for various public sector organisations.  It is at this point I found the phrase ‘Risk Management' to be of interest, especially as it seemed to crop up within each audit, and over time the phrase developed into having its own set audit resource allocation and became an audited area. 

In my experience, from one public sector organisation to another, it was evident that risk management and corporate governance were the ‘buzz' phrases.  However, it seemed that the phrase had become a separate management action to that of the main operations of the organisation, in contradiction to its prescribed purpose.  As my awareness has grown, through my interest of this disjoined management system, it has become apparent that an empty ritual of box ticking has invaded the planning and management of organisations within the public sector. 

My research leads me to believe that it has been heavily influenced by a state-wide push towards all aspects of public life to become risk managed or manageable. As part of my research I am able to beg the question as to why the government feels it important to manage risks or whether there is an underlying Government agenda that uses the excuse of ‘potential dangers' to get a prescribed reaction.  The relation of these theories to the current changes in society is where my research enthusiasm lies.