Prof Brian Morgan 
MORGAN, BrianProfessor of Entrepreneurship, Director, Creative Leadership and Enterprise Centre, CLEC
Room No: O3.15
Telephone No: +44(0)29 2041 6358
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My main focus is currently on entrepreneurship and leadership, but I began my academic career as an economist.  Although the recent economic downturn and the credit crunch led to widespread disappointment with the economics profession, I am very much of the opinion that economic theory still has an enormous contribution to make to promoting future prosperity.

My earliest research was on Maynard Keynes and the Keynesian - Monetarist debate and I then went on to research the contributions of Nobel Laureates, Sir John Hicks and Milton Friedman to economic issues.  After a spell at an Australian University I returned to London to become a Senior Economic Adviser in Whitehall, before moving to Wales to take up the post of Chief Economist for the Welsh Development Agency.

At the WDA I raised the profile of entrepreneurs and small firm growth as key drivers of economic development in regional economies.  I then founded the Leadership, Enterprise and Economic Development Research Unit (LEED) at Cardiff University Business School before moving to UWIC to develop their new centre of excellence - CLEC.  I am also a practising entrepreneur, having started up a number of successful businesses – like the Penderyn whisky company – and I am director of a number of companies.

The main focus of CLEC is the delivery of state-of-the-art leadership and management development programmes (like our new 20Twenty Leadership Programme for SMEs) and conducting research into regional competitiveness, leadership and the business development needs of entrepreneurs.