Nigel Jones 
Nigel Jones Nigel Jones
Senior Lecturer in Information Systems

Department: Information Systems and International Studies
Room No: O2.55e
Telephone No: +44(0)29 2041 6395
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In 2010 Nigel was awarded the honor of being made a Teaching Fellow of UWIC for his work into Student Feedback using screen capture video files.  This method of providing feedback to the student is one of the closest tools to the student and lecturer sitting side by side while marking and the provision feedback is under taken.  This simple method provides the student with rich insights into their work and helps in their progression and achievement.

Nigel joined the University in 2000 from teaching in Aberdare College where he was teaching Information Communication Technology and held the role of Cross College Coordinator for Information Learning Technology (ILT).  While at Aberdare, he was sent to Australia funded by the Welsh Assembly and Central Bureau under the Montage projects.  

This was to observe how the Australians deliver distance/open learning and their programme to teach Teachers and Lecturers in ILT.  Also in 1999 he was asked to join the technical development group looking into open learning for colleges using digital technologies.  With the advent of this new technology this Government sponsored group was set-up to explore the possible uses of Digital technology at home and in the Classroom. 

He is now a Senior Lecturer in Information Systems, specializing in modeling systems and until 2010 the Level 1 HND Admissions Tutor.  Nigel started his career in Computing with his first five and quarter inch double sided and double density floppy disk in 1980 in Southampton Technical College.  He completed his first degree at Bristol Polytechnic of BA System Analysis, and then joined Frenchay Hospital as a programmer analyst in 1989, working with a language/operating system called “MUMPS”.  As a member of the Medical Physics department at Frenchay he had access to many new technologies and systems that required interfacing and integrating, including MRI scanners, CAT scanners, Radiological Administration, Pathology, Primary, and Community care. 

In 1991 he moved into the senior management position of Patient Services and Systems Manager, this was a period of re-organization within the NHS, at the start of this position Nigel had responsibility for 110 staff and a budget of over million.  One year later the staff, were reduced to 40 in his main department with the other 70 re-organized into the new specialty administrations.

His final project from 1992-1994 was the introduction of a new Patient Administration System Project for Frenchay Healthcare NHS Trust, this involved, the introduction of a new PAS system for the Trust, Number of people involved or directly affected, 1200, Administrators - General managers - Nurses -  Consultants, in the Hospitals, Primary and Community care.  After completing this project Nigel return to University of West of England to complete his second degree in Business Education with qualified teacher status.  

Nigel teaching interests span a range of areas in media and information systems, with a particular focus on issues of modeling, Agency of change, ICT and entrepreneurs, non-Microsoft products, and analysis of information systems. Alongside core units at Levels 1 and 2, he also supports the electives 'multimedia’, introducing students to Flash (CS3), and the module “Web Programming”, with the computing language Perl. 

Nigel has presented at conferences and seminars series and is developing a publication profile in his area of expertise. In his spare time Nigel heads out to West Wales to by the sea.  Nigel studied homeopathy at the Welsh School of Homeopathy for 4 years, and spent a month in Kenya working in HIV/Aids clinics with whom he is still associated.  While working at Aberdare College he also became a BSAC Scuba diving instructor and his main research areas reflects this.

Research interests

Nigel's research explores the constructions of experiences of Scuba Divers in cold water. The work looks at the diver’s experience form both a physical and psychological perspectives.  Within the field of system analysis a great deal of effort is made in eliciting knowledge and the experience of the individuals to transpose into a systems, this research includes areas related to Repertory Grids, trait analysis, and risk perception, which adds depth to the lecture materials presented to the students. 

The technology for this research is being developed by final year degree students; one particular tool to be employed is an Experience Sampling Method (ESM), students are helping to develop a system to enable data capture by creating a web site that will interface with an android phone as the capture device.

The work on Student Feedback using screen capture video files continues with the introduction of new technologies such as the iPad and Joojoo pad etc.