Telephone Campaign News 

The 2014 Student Calling Team

Thank you to all alumni that took part in our Spring 2014 Telephone Campaign. We are delighted to announce that during the 2 week campaign, you pledged over £20,000 to support our Development Fund.

For our students, these calls provided a great opportunity to speak to alumni who studied the same course or lived in the same halls.  Aled Holcombe, second year BAHons International Hospitality Management student really enjoyed having the opportunity to connect with such a wide range of Cardiff Met alumni;

“Being a part of the telephone fundraising campaign for Cardiff Met has been fantastic! The position has given me great experience; allowing me to network and communicate with a lot of alumni who have had experience in the hospitality industry (which I am hoping to have a successful career in when I graduate).

I have found it amazing to speak to graduates from a wide range of time frames, some of them who studied with us before we were UWIC, let alone Cardiff Met! This has given me an insight into how the University has developed and grown over the past 40 years. I have been pleasantly surprised at how positive the alumni I have called have been, and more than happy to have a chat about their experiences at the university.  This has also been a fantastic opportunity for me to interact with students from courses that I knew very little about before the campaign. 

All of the callers have been so grateful for the support and great conversations we have had with our alumni. The gifts the alumni have given have allowed the university to continue its life changing and unique research, and help to secure the university’s long term future. I feel incredibly grateful for having played a part in such an amazing project.  I hope the alumni have enjoyed talking to us students as much as we have enjoyed talking to them, and that they may become more involved with university in a variety of ways. I also hope to have the opportunity to thank them in person at one of the donor thank you events this Summer.”

If you would like to receive a phone call from a student during next year's campaign, please email

The 2014 Telephone Campaign was supported by local businesses, for which we are very grateful:

Park Plaza