Ryan Turner 

Easy Feasts

Easy Feasts  – A most “APP”etising idea!

Who is Ryan Turner?

Ryan TurnerRyan Turner is a chef on a mission – to bring simple, stylish food to our tables with the minimum of fuss. His latest idea – an iPhone app called Easy Feasts – includes “some truly irresistible recipes along with some great expert tips and has been specially designed to help make entertaining easy!”

The app is backed up by the website The Food Bible, which Ryan hopes will one day rival the Food Network website. Though still in its infancy, the site is endorsed by Michelin-starred chef Hywel Jones.  The site’s encyclopedic array of recipes is backed up by recommendations for drinks, table settings, even instructions on how to set a table well. Industry tips for elegant home entertaining.

The Early Days

Ryan graduated with a BA (Hons) in Hospitality Management in 2008. Having initially wanted to become a chef, he decided to come to UWIC to learn about the management side of the industry, and soon found himself learning about business and marketing as well as the importance of the financial aspects! “The UWIC hospitality course gives you a good grounding in all those areas, and teaches you the importance of branding. “

After graduation, Ryan started his own Cardiff-based catering company A La Maison with just £100. “UWIC taught me my business head, and the lecturers were very supportive, allowing me to use their contacts to build up my own client base.” Business in Focus provided valuable help in those early days, as did Venture Wales, who helped to advise him on branding.

“Not long after graduation, I went on holiday to India, and that was really inspiring. Everyone out there is just so business-minded, always looking for their next opportunity. It made me realize you can never stop trying.”


When it comes to advice, Ryan says he can confirm that some of those commonly-heard phrases really do speak the truth: “You have to follow your dream and really work hard. Do your research and network effectively. Once you’ve found what you want to do, you really have to want it enough to succeed.”

Is there life beyond Easy Feasts?

“I don’t have a lot of free time as I’m trying to get the app and the website up and running. I like to go to the gym to relax and keep fit. I also love to be cooked for, believe it or not – though it seems to happen more rarely these days!”

The Future

“Where do I hope to be in the future? Living in a huge old Colonial house in New England, with a casino hotel in Las Vegas to my name! I am very ambitious, but I would also like to give something back, for example through a Food Bible charity.”

You can follow the Food Bible on Twitter (@TheFoodBible), or download the Easy Feasts app from the App Store right now!