Ricardo Machado 

Ricardo Machado, originally from Brazil, graduated in 2010 with an MSc in Coaching Science. Still living in Cardiff, we caught up with him and found out a little more about his experience as a student here.

What made you choose UWIC?
I chose to study at UWIC for a few reasons. Firstly, while I was living in London in 2004 I visited Cardiff and liked it very much. I liked Cardiff because I felt the city and people very friendly. Also, the city was not too big neither too small. I am still living in Cardiff and definitely it is a very welcoming and pleasurable place to be, arguably one of the best corners of UK. Secondly, UWIC was one of the few universities in the UK which offered the course that I wanted to take. The modules` titles were very interesting and their contents were exactly what I wanted to study.  Finally, UWIC course fee and the cost of living in Cardiff were both lower compared against studying in England.

Which of your lecturers do you remember fondly?
I liked all the lectures and would be unfair to name the best one. They were all very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and professional.  However, I will be always grateful to my supervisor, Dr. Kylie Wilson.  She got an A+ ; very intelligent, friendly, reliable and she really helped more than I expected.   

What has been your career path since graduating?
Since graduation I have been working for a UK charity which promotes community cohesion.  I will be coaching football for five weeks during summer. 

Do you have any advice for this year’s graduates?
Discipline is the answer; do not leave everything to be done at the last moment.  Find a good place to live where you feel happy.

Are you in touch with any other graduates?
Yes, I made a friend for life at UWIC. My classmate David, his wife Liz and their three kids were God sent people into my life. I was very lonely and homesick at the beginning of the course and they always invited me to their home and fed me.  They are Irish and I will never forget them. They returned to Ireland, but we are still in touch on Skype and when they visited Cardiff in 2011 I put them up in the house where I was living.  They fed me again and left lots of food in my cupboard before returning to Ireland!!