Pakzad Nussirabad 

Pakzad Nussirabad graduated from UWIC in 2005 with an MBA in Management (Distinction) and was also presented with the student of the year award. Pakzad is a HR professional with over 14 years of progressive multidisciplinary experience in diverse organizations from fast growing mid- sized firms to established multinationals. Currently, he is employed with a financial services, business advisory and KPO outfit, the SKP Group (Nexia International Member) in the capacity of Director - People. Pakzad tells us about his time at UWIC and why he chose to be an International Alumni Ambassador.

1. What made you choose UWIC?
Honestly, it was a kind of a gut feeling which made my decision. UWIC just happened. Life was good not only on the academic front but in Cardiff (Wales) in general. Learnt a lot and made great friends too. Although above all the opportunity to have my dissertation supervised by Dr. Trefor Lewis (former Director - MBA Programme) and the late Dr. Neville Gaunt (Prinicipal Lecturer) was just something else.

2. What made you volunteer for the role?
I’ve always been connected with roles involving guidance, coaching and development. Even at UWIC; I was selected to be Head Warden/Shift Manger (UWIC Halls) this role involved counselling/caring for the students living at the Halls of residence. Even now, I am working as an Associate Director HR with a financial services firm and my role involves coaching and developing talent. So, what better way than this to be of assistance to aspiring students looking at academic opportunities abroad.

3. What plans do you have for UWIC Alumni living in India?
Would be great to interact with the other alumni and setup a forum.

4. Have you done anything like this before?
I have been a part of a number of talent acquisition drives and business development initiatives. In addition, my work profile involves coaching and development as well.

5. What are your hobbies and interests?
Healthier hobbies involve yoga and visiting the gym. Otherwise, it’s following Arsenal in the Premier League. I love the outdoors and I do travel quite a bit as well.

6. Are you still using the skills gained during you UWIC degree?
One of the reasons I wanted to do an MBA from UWIC was to change my career line from IT to HR. So, the answer is yes, I am very much using my skills acquired at UWIC.

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