Osama Jawad 

My name is Osama Jawad and I am a citizen of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I came to UK to get higher education. I graduated with the degree in Software Engineering from the University of Staffordshire in the year 2004. Latter I decided to come to UWIC for my Masters in Business Administration (MBA). I graduated in the year 2007 with distinction in Project Management and International Marketing which were my main subjects.

Currently, I am working in Pakistan with SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan in the capacity of Assistant National Director.

1. What made you choose UWIC?

At the time of admissions, I had no clue whatsoever that I would be part of UWIC. I was applying to many universities keeping my selection criteria in mind, which was that the university MUST:
• Have good ranking in the UK institutes
• Have good faculty that would understand the needs of international students and provide us with a comfortable environment while we stayed with them during the academic year.
• Have state of the art computer laboratories with all the necessary equipment to do our assignments
• Have ample online resources to help us become better researchers. More online books and material that would help build strong understanding about the research methods, etc.
• Have their own playgrounds and parks, so that once you are bored out from the inside you can sit out in the field and relax (my personal criteria as I love nature)
• Have strong cultural integration and the students / staff maintain good inter cultural relations to harness booming results.
• A place that is a mix of quality education, ample time for recreation, curricular and extracurricular events and activities that would help the international students fit in well and contribute to the overall progression of the institute.
• Provide ample opportunities for students to work part time or full time during their studies.
• Have friendly staff in terms of faculty /teachers / international staff and others working within the institute.
UWIC fulfilled all of the above.

2. What made you volunteer for the role?

I have always taken Cardiff as my home away from home. UWIC was the university that not only provided me with a high quality of education; it also provided me with ample opportunities to serve new intakes. I was twice selected to work with the international staff as a student helper. Later I was called in to the international office to help / assist them train the new international student helpers. Thus putting my theoretical learning to practical experience. On many occasions, I represented the student body such as visiting the first minister of Wales during a dinner at the Senedd, representing UWIC MBA student body at the dinner ceremony at the Vice Chairman’s house in Cyncoed, Captain of UWIC MBA cricket team, representing UWIC cricket team in a friend match with University in South Africa during our study tour, and many other events taking place within UWIC.

The international Student Affairs office has always been kind to me and they have always encouraged me to do good, a lot of patting came from my very good friend and mentor the dean of International office Mr. Jhon Philip and also Natalie Buckland. They have been inspirational help.

With all the above mentioned, I think my university deserves its recognition among the people of Pakistan. And for this, I shall always provide my services to my university. It is out of question to let go of this opportunity to once again show my gratitude to my home away from home and to my university.

3. What plans do you have for UWIC Alumni living in Pakistan?

There are a lot of plans, but as always most of the plans need resources and funds. Currently, I am willing to start small by just gathering the students from around Pakistan on a single platform where we can share our experiences and thoughts to make our university among the well known institutes in Pakistan for foreign education.

Furthermore, I would like to arrange one annual meeting of all the alumni at a single location. This event will contain various sessions where we can generate new potentials for UWIC, discuss with old students the problems they faced, remedies that can help us all, how to attain student satisfaction who come to UWIC from areas that are not privileged. These sessions will also work for counselling the new prospects to become students at UWIC. It is said that sky is the limit. With time new ideas will come to my mind and I shall be sharing them with you.

4. Have you done anything like this before?

Once a volunteer, always a volunteer, I am known to my friends as a strong advocate of volunteerism. Anywhere a helping hand is needed, I always try to be among the first wave. Starting a volunteer club of bikers in Cardiff, providing dissertation consultancy free of cost to my junior students at UWIC, guiding people for their career planning and the list goes on. I have ample experiences and examples I can share, but in short I have been doing such activities for more than ten years.

5. What are your hobbies and interests?

Stamp collecting, wood carving and gardening are my main hobbies. In addition, I am a pet lover and have been keeping a lot of birds and animals. Furthermore I love nature and like to be close to it.
During my stay at Cardiff, I used to go to the woods, ride my bicycle to Cardiff Bay (Tiger Bay), Barry Island, Camping, Hiking and trekking.

Even now in Pakistan, I go camping and trekking once a year to the Northern areas of Pakistan, planning with friends and executing other excursions. 

6. Are you still using the skills gained during you UWIC degree?

Yes, I use learned skills during my time at UWIC and I am still polishing them.