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Make your network work for you!

Members of the Cardiff Metropolitan University Alumni Network are out there doing all manner of things - teaching, art and design, hotel management, business management, coaching, journalism, podiatry, farming, dentistry, physiotherapy, catering, broadcasting, IT, to name just a few! We hope, wherever you may be, whatever you are now doing, that you carry with you fond memories of your time here.

'Here' may have been UWIC, for graduates since the 1990s, or it could have been one of our Founding Institutions for graduates from earlier incarnations. 'Here' might even have been one of our partner institutions, in Wales, England, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore or Bangladesh - you are all part of our global family. And as we look to the future with our new name from November 2011, 'here' will also be our new Cardiff Metropolitan graduates of 2012 and beyond.

As a former student of any of these institutions, we welcome you to our network of alumni. The network will provide the opportunity to connect with old classmates, discover new career leads, recruit the right candidates, get your news in the alumni magazine, or simply update your address details to ensure you receive it!

If you have lost touch, or know someone who was a former student, please don't hesitate to contact the Alumni Office or you can Sign up online now

We produce an alumni magazine, which is sent out annually. This magazine is for you and about you, so we want to hear from you! Please keep us informed as life’s cycle unfolds - as you get your first job, get married, have children, gain promotion, move house, emigrate, write a book, retire. Wherever life takes you, we hope you will let us know, especially if you feel that your time at university (or college) was a springboard to help you get there. If you know a former student has passed away, please let us know. We will then be able to update our records to minimise unwanted mailings.

The word "Alumni" - Who or what is that?!

Alumni - a Latin word from the verb alere: ‘to bring up or to nourish'.

  Male   Female  Mixed
 Singular   alumnus  alumna   
 Plural  alumni  alumnae  alumni 

Universities around the world use the word 'Alumni' in recognition of the all-encompassing nature of university life. You are not just 'former students' but people who have been intellectually nourished in a caring environment, often away from your family. We like to think you 'belong' here, even after you've left, and we hope that you do too.

The Cardiff Metropolitan University Alumni Network includes graduates, honorary graduates, international and exchange students from Cardiff Met, UWIC, and all our founding colleges as well as our partner institutions in London and overseas.

So whether you're an Alumna or an Alumnus, we welcome all our Alumni, and hope you will keep in touch.