Faiz Ahmed Mohammed 

Faiz at the top of the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington

I would love to share my wonderful experience of UWIC. I am from the 2007 batch, successfully completing an MBA in Marketing with merit. Upon completing this course I had moved to the USA in 2009 to study MS Software Engineering from Stratford University, located near Washington D.C.  I currently work as a Software Test Engineer for SIEMENS Healthcare in Pennsylvania, USA. 

Having been exposed to lot of universities, my learning experience at UWIC has proven to be superb, very positive and highly recommendable to anyone looking to pursue further education. UWIC played a significant and important role in fulfilling educational and professional aspirations. My motivation had remained high and I had found it easy to maintain a high interest in my major. The school is excellent, Cardiff is a fabulous city and the people are simply fantastic. The university offers new facilities and lots of highly qualified professors. The curriculum is very relevant and interesting, giving me the experience necessary to quickly adapt and progress in my workplace.

I was initially attracted because of the university’s reputation in this field, which was subsequently endorsed by the quality of the courses, excellent facilities and inspiring lecturers. If you are hoping to acquire specialized knowledge and a wide range of skills in a friendly and dynamic study environment within a multicultural community, UWIC is the right place for you – just imagine how this will help you in the future.

Best Regards,
Faiz Ahmed Mohammed
SIEMENS Medical Solutions - Health Services