Dina Fathalla graduated from UWIC in 2004 with a MSc in Biomedical Science, she is now the Laboratory Coordinator in Cairo's Museum, Egypt. Dina tells us about her time at UWIC and why she wants to be an International Alumni Ambassador.

1. What made you choose UWIC?

I chose UWIC because I wanted to apply for a scientific Masters degree in Wales and found the ones offered at UWIC to be very interesting. I entered the Biomedical Sciences programme and really enjoyed it, the programme gives students a general overview and then allows them to specialise in their chosen topic in the second term, almost like a personalised course! UWIC also has the charm that many universities lack, it focuses more on the student as an individual and has a warm community atmosphere.

2. What made you volunteer for the role?

I volunteered for the role because I wanted to stay in touch with the university as well as with the other UWIC alumni from my country. I also wanted to be involved in events where prospective students were considering their university options and would be able to speak to someone who had actually attended a course there and experienced that lifestyle.

3. What plans do you have for UWIC Alumni living in Egypt?

I’d like to arrange social gatherings for a casual meet-and-greet over coffee to learn more about the alumni here. I’d also like to expand the network and share ideas of activities they would like to be involved in; for example charity events in Egypt, keeping them up to date with other events (recruitment fairs, TEDx events, etc.), meeting people who are interested in studying abroad to share our experiences and staying in touch with the university.

4. Have you done anything like this before?

I usually organise gatherings with people who have gone to the same school as me, like mini-reunions. This position involves a similar idea but on a much bigger scale, very exciting!

5. What are your hobbies and interests?

I love travelling and photography, I enjoy reading and going to the theatre or cinema.

6. Are you still using the skills gained from your UWIC degree?

Yes I am actually still using the skills I gained from my UWIC degree, they are mainly laboratory skills that I use on a daily basis and pass on to the employees I train here. Studying at UWIC also taught me how to handle my workload efficiently and present my ideas and results clearly.