Desiree Jones 

Desiree JonesDesiree Jones, BSc (Hons) Psychology 2003

Desiree is our International Alumni Ambassador for Canada, based in Toronto. Here she shares some of her ideas for connecting our alumni who are from, or now living in Canada.

What made you volunteer for the role?

After leaving UWIC, I went on to study an MSc at the University of Bangor. I always missed UWIC though and looked back on my time spent there fondly. I am a very proud UWIC graduate, and I would be delighted to help support any former students living in Canada to connect with each other.

What plans do you have for UWIC Alumni living in Canada?

I think it would be wonderful to have events based in Canada - especially in Ontario where I live - so that we can gather Alumni together for dinners, day trips, etc. I'd be delighted to share my knowledge of the local area and customs with newly arriving alumni: being part Canadian and part Welsh, I feel I can assist with any difference of cultural norms here. I'd also like to establish a local e-newsletter showing what UWIC grads are doing in Canada.

Have you ever done any thing like this before?

I've not been involved with an alumni group before, but I have helped to organise a number of events for local charities and local musicians, including the Alzheimer Society of Toronto and the Kensington Health Centre. As a counsellor I have plenty of experience with connecting people to community resources.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Pretty diverse! I enjoy yoga, local events, music from around the world, animals, canoeing, culture, meditation, travelling, literature, movies, painting and opera.

Are you still using the skills gained during your UWIC degree?

Yes, absolutely. I work as a Clinical Trainer for a company called Shepell·fgi in Brampton, ON. Shepell·fgi  provides integrated health and productivity solutions for small and medium sized companies. We offer a range of programs and services to address the mental, social and physical health issues that impact employee and organizational health. We partner with our clients to solve problems before they become personally or professionally costly, and as you can imagine, counselling is often a key part of that.