Alex Carlton-Porter 

Photo by Phil Hutchinson Photography  

Alex Carlton-Porter (BSC (Hons) Sport Management 2011) is offering sportsmen and women the opportunity to take part in the gap year adventure of a lifetime through his new website

Sports-mad graduate Alex Carlton-Porter has travelled the world, learning to ski in Canada before spending a season playing rugby for a team based in Sydney, Australia.

Now he is using his experiences to set up, a company that specialises in giving talented cricket, rugby, hockey and football players the chance to play a season overseas as part of their gap year.

Unlike other companies, is selective about who it takes abroad, assessing the ability of players and matching them with the right teams so they are challenged physically and individually on their tour. The packages have been specifically designed to push gap year travellers to their limits, taking them to South Africa, Australia and Hong Kong.

Travellers work closely with their squad, learning the true value of being a team player while enduring all of the pressures of living more than 5,000 miles away from a normal family support structure.

Reflecting on his own gap year experience, Alex said, “Gap years give you the chance to meet new people, shape your ideas and being in a ‘can do’ society like Australia enables you to make your mind up. I found that the biggest complaint the overseas clubs have is the quality and commitment of gappers they receive from current companies – very few make it through the whole season and that causes disruption for the clubs especially as most are playing in leagues and performance is critical.”

Alex has an understanding of what his customers are looking for. “At a time of increasingly competitive university places and an ever tightening job market, travelling and playing team sports is a great way to make a CV really stand out from the crowd.”

The aspiring businessman said it is the same ‘can do’ attitude cemented by his sporting adventures that led to him setting up a new business in the midst of a recession.

“It is difficult starting up in any economic circumstances but unless you start you never get going. That is why I have put in the legwork of establishing a quality base of operations with low overheads. We can even offer students the chance to earn money on their tour by working as coaches if they have the qualifications.”

The website allows customers to select the best package for them. By linking up with travel giant STA Travel, PTLSports can offer complete packages of flights, accommodation, coaching and matches to individuals and even whole teams. Why not take a look online at