Bicycle User's Group 

The Bicycle Users Group (BUG) has evolved from the Transport Working Group set up by Facilities Management to work towards the implementation of a "Green Travel Plan" for Cardiff Metropolitan University.

This is part of a Sustainability Group that intends to ensure that Cardiff Metropolitan University will at least comply with both National and Welsh Assembly Government initiatives on sustainability.

The main aim of the Bicycle Users Group is:

To promote and encourage the use of sustainable transport for journeys to and from work and/or for journeys between campuses during the working day.

The members of the Bicycle Users Group have agreed to meet regularly and will endeavour to achieve the above by:

  1. Identifying the facilities available to cyclists at each of the Cardiff Metropolitan University campuses.
  2. Listing the facilities needed to attract non-cyclists to consider the option.
  3. In conjunction with other agencies to present "suggested cycling routes" between campuses and to each campus from surrounding areas.
  4. Providing links to useful cycling websites and sources of information.
  5. Being a focal point for suggestions/complaints.
  6. Preparing publicity material so that the group can become "visible" within Cardiff Metropolitan University.
  7. Investigating the possibility of commercial organisations supporting this venture.
  8. Identifying the strength of the cycling lobby at Cardiff Metropolitan University and providing a voice for that lobby in the relevant management forum.

For further information, please contact Neil Woollacott